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The Beginning of The End

The Bride Groom is coming! 
The Bride makes herself ready. 
(Revelation 19:7-9)
She prepares her escape as Noah did his…
“To be lifted up above God’s wrath.”
When the Bride Groom comes, will we be
found a wise or foolish virgin? 
(Matthew 25:1-13)
We can have total faith in God’s 
love for all of our needs. 

(Philippians 4:19)



Mission of the Pathway Books 

Every individual born into this world has two primary needs. First, they need to have their daily needs met while they are on this earth. Second, when they leave this earth, if they believe in life after death, they desire to go to a place that is good and not a bad place. All have these needs, hopes and desires.

The Pathway Book Series was designed, we believe, by the Spirit of God. The purpose is to help each individual meet their needs by spiritual rather than legalistic, religious ways, which often drive individuals from God’s presence.

We feel our mission is to help each individual on this earth get in a position where a loving God is free to bless them. From that point on, the Holy Spirit of God will lead and guide them on their pathway.

Get Your Free Copy of  "THE BEGINNING OF THE END"

along with a bundle of 50 Booklets "THE SIMPLE TRUTH"

and share this Holy Spirit inspired message to reach others! 


Simple Way to Start

We will send you our new book “The beginning of the End”(80 pages). It explains God’s end time spiritual maturing of the Body of Christ. We will also send you 50 “Simple Truth Booklets” absolutely FREE to hand out to those you meet IF you will agree to do as Jesus said and share his good news with others. This booklet explains a side of Salvationthat very few have shared with the unsaved.




Common Sense For America

Book #1 Common Sense for America points out clearly the Godly principles necessary to attain political, social and financial blessings from God. You will be encouraged to join God’s battle! “Stand up for what you believe”. Available now as Kindle ebook at


Pathway to God's Blessings

Book #2 The Pathway to God’s Blessings shows an individual in great detail, with illustrations, how to get in a position where God is free to bless them. Available as a Kindle ebook at


Miracles Along The Path

Book #3 Miracles Along the Path gives miraculous true examples of what happens in a person’s life when they follow the pathway to God’s blessings.


Truths For The Path

Book #4 Truths for the Path gives insights into how God thinks and feels as illustrated by simple, but powerful Godly visions and dreams. It shows clearly God’s end-time plans for His children and their role in it.


The Simple Truth

Receive God's free gifts now! Total forgiveness for your wrongs against God, yourself and others; 100% assurance you are heaven bound; your reception of God's love, joy, peace.


The Beginning of The End

Holy Spirit's message today: "Jesus is coming; it is time to build your ark". Like Noah, faithful obedient Believers will be lifted above God's coming wrath. John 15:6 describes the consequences of not being ready. "Today, if you hear his voice, harden not your heart."


Don Hunt Prayer Show with Monica Schmelter

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Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 10.26.21

Don Hunt lives in Nashville, Tennessee he was married fifty two years to his wife Barbara, before she went home to the Lord in 2013. He has four children, along with seven lovely grandchildren.

Raised in the food business, educated at Vanderbilt University on a football scholarship, Don and his three brothers, with a tremendous team, have built a multimillion dollar pizza business with over 7,500 outlets in the United States and overseas. (see

Don admits in his early business years that he was totally self-centered, totally selfish. His only desire was to be a millionaire. After building a large business, he lost it all. His conclusion was… “I planted seeds of selfishness and reaped a harvest of pain and loss."

In 1989, the four Hunt Brothers, Don, Lonnie, Jim and Charles, started a new pizza company based on these two Godly Principles.

• They decided to have total faith in God’s love for all their needs.

• They set out to use their abilities to help meet the needs of others.

These two principles have not only produced a life of abundance and goodwill, but the brothers believe when you apply these principles in your daily life, as you understand them, it isn’t long before many of your lemons begin to turn into lemonade.

Don feels a personal relationship with God eliminates fear and opens a love relationship. He declares this is  not religion, but spirituality. The Father God has given Don a message to share with the world.

The Bride Groom is Coming."


A Note from Don

All my life I have been a salesman. I would present my product and then work hard to continue to promote it until the potential customer bought it. Continuing to use my selling habits as I shared Jesus with others has caused me much turmoil in the past. I thank God He has convinced me that I have to be as the Donkey who talked to the prophet in Numbers 22:21-34. I am only to be a messenger. I say this to insure you stay calm if your beliefs and traditions do not line up with the way I see the scriptures. Of course, if you do not look up the scriptures quoted, you will never really know if I am just a crazy Donkey or one the Holy Spirit is speaking through. 


If you have questions, please feel free to contact me. I will do my best to pray about them and ask the Holy Spirit to guide both of us in HIS truth.  God bless you abundantly,






P.S. I am not really a donkey. Praise God. I am HIS child forever.  

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